Friday, September 08, 2006

Welcome to my Agile blog

Welcome to my maiden voyage at blogging. Well actually my second. My first was a spirited attempt at putting up something about me, my family, my interests (movies, Chiefs, Jayhawks) and use it to keep extended family updated. Well that didn't last long. I think I was intimidated by the technology a friend set me up with, but I neither had the time to learn the technology or I guess the motivation to commit time regularly. But since being exposed to Agile (and ready-made blog templates like blogger), I can address both concerns and get going now!

So why a blog? Great question, and one which I'm not sure of myself just yet. But the last five months have been perhaps the most inspired months of my professional life! I hope to both chronicle my journey, highlight the epiphanies as they come, continuously improve my understanding of Agile, and who knows.....maybe even help someone newer to Agile than me.

I modestly hope to provide something of interest to most visitors, maybe attract some interesting feedback, and evolve this blog's purpose as and when needed.

With both trepidation and conviction...

Paul Arrowood
Agile Coach and Scrum Master


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